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Table of Contents About the Tutorial The Universe Major Seas Countries by Copper Production List of States by Coal Production Units of Length First Female in Independent India Later it became popular as Mesopotamia present day Iraq. First calendar of days, 12 months, and 30 days BCE invented. He hired Aristotle the Philosopher to tutor his son, Alexander.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the President of Liberia.

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She CE was the first elected female head of state in Africa. It also ensured the Parliamentary supremacy over the British monarchy. The Russian Revolution It was revolution that dismantled the Tsarist autocracy and founded the Soviet Union in The Hungarian It was basically Hungarian Uprising nationwide Revolution of against the government of the Hungarian People's Republic and the Soviet-imposed policies.

Iranian Revolution of The revolution removed the monarchy system and —79, also known as founded the Islamic republic. Islamic Revolution China's Cultural The revolution enforced the communism in the Revolution country by removing the capitalist, traditional, and cultural elements. Rajagopalachari to Nair and P. Ambedkar Bombay Sabha E. Deve Gowda June April I.

It is launched for the study and measurement of cosmology. There are several galaxies in the universe, for example, Milky Way.

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Milky Way is the second largest galaxy. Typically, it has a star like image, which can be seen through the telescope. It was basically observed by the ancient astronomers. For example, Moon revolves around the Earth, etc. It is closest to the Earth. This is the reason that we always see only one side of the Moon.


As Moon revolves, the lunar phases change cyclically and we can see from the full moon full visible to the new moon not at all visible. Among all, Ganymede is the largest satellite in the whole solar system. Galle in The book written by Pattathanam is the basis for prosecution. State government permitted mr A. Ajan an advocate of Kollam to proceed against Pattathanam.

FARA exhibited the hugging mother photos and demanded probe into her funds received from abroad. They also asked to remove all exemptions on Ashram funds since they are running it as business concern. The hugging humbug was also criticized by FARA. Innaiah, Mr. I Muralidhar, Mr. Eenadu, Vaartha published the news. There was TV coverage. The book written by Mr. Pattathanam in Malayalam was exhibited to the media along with the gist in English, published in Rationalist voice. They violated the secular norms by encouraging such cult babas.

It shows the sexual perversion of Sai Baba. UNESCO withdrew from the educational conference organized by Prasanti Nilayam in and advised visitors not to go since sexual abuse complaints are rampant. Conney, a Swedish actor narrated his own experiences with Sai baba and established a society in Sweden to help the victims of Sai Baba Ashram.

Some other revelations also were shown like false claims of divinity, miracle cures, taking things out of nowhere. Innaiah addressed the press and demanded inquiry into funds of Ashram, constitute committee to probe into sex complaints and account for enormous amounts received from abroad. Mr Muralaidhar, Mr.


Apart from the traditional astrological methods he is concentrated in his unique vedic astrology. Sree Jayachandra Raj has 6 post graduate. Astrology is a science about Life-Energy, with the sole objective of making our life happy Sree Jayachandra Raj (Guruji), a well known Kerala astrologer does.

Subbarao M and Mr Chandra sekhar attended. Press meet on Shirdi Sai and trust affairs.

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A press meet was held on 28 march in Regional Trasport commissioner office, Hyderabad. Innaiah addressed the media saying that the photos exhibited for devotees are not original Sai Baba. The photos of Shirdi Sai do not exist at all. All the photos are of Abdul Baba who served Shirdi Sai.

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We here are working on an algorithm in which a sensor node will be strategically switched on and off based upon its usage. Unnikrishnan P. The k-nearest neighbor classifier with Euclidean distance is used in the classification step. Kezhakke Maddam, Pallana P. O Haripad,, Tel.

The Shirdi Sai trust was created after 5 years of the death of Sai in Rahim Baba who is 70 now served his grand father Abdul Baba and revealed the truth about the photos to Mr. Prabhakar Nanawaty, Pune when he interviewed in Shirdi. Mr Abdul Baba also noted the sayings of Shirdi Sai in urdu. The manuscript consist of pages. Three photocopies were exhibited to the media. They were not published by the Shirdi Sai trust because they belong to Sufi sayings and Koran. Shirdi Trust wanted to do business on Sai by propagating Hindu customs and attract more devotees to get money. The trust involved in corrupt practices and some of the trustees were jailed also.

One Mr. Sampath IAS was appointed as approver. The Maharastra government wanted to issue ordinanance and take over the trust under the chief ministership of Vilasarao Deshmukh. But some officials who happened to be the devotees stopped the attempt.

The Temples constructed in Andhra Pradesh are not controlled by Endowments department since the Supreme Court accepted the plea that shirdi sai is not Hindu. The individuals in Andhra Pradesh are constructing the temples of sai and making money. Malladi Subbamma lamented the exploitation of women in the name of Shirdi sai pilgrimage. Sambasavarao, president Bharat Nastik Samaj said that there is not word Sai but originally it is Shahi, who fled from the sepoy mutiny fight during Later he was shown as Shirdi Sai.

Muralidhar said that the research articles of Sikander, and Nanawaty revealed the truth about Shirdi sai.

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He also narrated how some individuals indulge in earning through Shirdi sai temples in Nellore. Vikram demonstrated through magic how the miracles of Shirdi sai took place, such as lighting the lamp with Water and creating holy ash. TV9 channel telecasted the news prominently. Chandrasekhar, Ms Nandita were present.