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Their karma is to serve others and always have a superior. Four Varnas are compared to human body. Brahmins are the head, Kshatriyas-the arms, Vaishyas- the stomach, and Shudras- the legs. In human history there are plenty of examples when head was replaced with arms, stomach or even legs and the results were poor.

Only when all parts of the body function in harmony, without envy or conceit, can the whole organism and all its parts be satisfied.

आपका वर्ण ही आपकी मनोदशा और सुख-दुख का कारण है ! (ज्योतिष और वर्ण) PT. D.K. SHARMA "VATSA"

One belongs to one or another varna only and solely according to his qualities and inclinations. One may have born into Brahmin caste, yet indulged in work of trading.

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As per Vedas he would be considered not a Brahmin but a Vaishya. Similarly one born in Shudra caste yet indulged in protecting the country would be treated at par with Kshatriya. Peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, knowledge, wisdom, religiousness, temperance, satisfaction with that what one has,ingenuousness, mercy, and devotion to God are the natural qualities of work for the Brahmins. Piety, devotion to the teacher and God, diligence, thrift and protection of cows are the natural qualities of work for the Vaishyas.

He just truly enjoys working with his hands and creating things.

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He also prefers that someone else organizes and takes responsibility for the business. By following his qualities of work, every man can become perfect. Every endeavor is covered by some fault, just as fire is covered by smoke. In traditional Vedic society one of the most important uses of astrology is to evaluate.

Varna Koota for Marriage Matching

Patrick Olivelle , a professor of Sanskrit and Indian Religions and credited with modern translations of Vedic literature, Dharma-sutras and Dharma-shastras, states that ancient and medieval Indian texts do not support the ritual pollution, purity-impurity as the basis for varna system. Yoda Press. What is even more important is that the ideology of purity and impurity that emerges from the Dharma literature is concerned with the individual and not with groups, with purification and not with purity, and lends little support to a theory which makes relative purity the foundation of social stratification. A jati may be divided into exogamous groups based on the same gotras. Those who meditate on the divine name can experience the reality of God.

If the Venus of one person is in opposition to the Mars of the other person that will mean strong sexual attraction. This is. Yoni Kuta: This has to do with sexual compatibility.

Vashya Guna

Sudra manual labour and service : Aries, Gemini, Aquarius. According to Chintamani Astrology, Nadi Dosha is cancelled in the. Western astrology pays attention to the classical aspects, e.

Varna Guna

We know that all nine planets called navagraha in Vedic astrology are always and Sagittarius are classified as Kshatriya Varna according to Vedic astrology. If Moon is placed in a fiery sign, the varna of the native will be Kshatriya in the horoscope Rohit Anand, Vedic Astrology Expert 25 Years Experience in Occult .

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Its lord is Venus. Scorpio has a slender physique and is a centipede sign. It denotes Brahmins and resides in holes. Its direction is north and is strong in day time. It is reddish-brown and resorts to water and land. It has a hairy physique and is very sharp or passionate.

Mars is its ruler. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Do any scriptures say that Varna is determined by Rashi?


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Varna Dosh / Vashya Dosh

You mean the one that is found in our horoscopes? The Varna koota is factor in Vedic astrology which is used for match making purpose. Four signs each are divided into 4 categories of a varna each. There are several factors used for this which includes graha maitri, nadi, vashya etc. So one should not confuse this Varna with the actual varna of the person. Source If this is to be considered then all those who are of libra, gemini, and aquarius sign are shudras irrespective of where they are born!

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Rakesh Joshi Rakesh Joshi Can you please provide any scriptural statement denying the relation between them? You did mention two people: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Ramanuja acharya as an example to show that astrological varnas are not same as the varnas by birth. It implies that, if both types varnas are same, then they both fall in to Shudras and my doubt is that why they can't be Shudras?